Applications are now being accepted for our series of Micro-Residencies at the New York Public Library this April 2019!


New York is one of the fastest moving cities on the planet, & its poets are some of the busiest people in the world. We don’t all have the time to take a year-long, month-long, or even week-long writer’s residency. That doesn’t change the importance of making time & space to write. That’s why The Poetry Society of New York is teaming up with some of NYC's most forward-thinking cultural institutions to give busy poets exactly what they need: a small chunk of time devoted to writing. The mission of The Micro-Residency program is to carve out that small window of time for working poets in stimulating environments & to demystify poetry by exposing the public to contemporary poets at work. 


If you are interested in hosting a Micro-Residency at your institution, please contact us for more information. If you are interested in being a resident, Micro-Applications are accepted via Submittable during our open submission periods. To stay up-to-date about upcoming application deadlines, join our mailing list.

For National Poetry Month this year, we partnered with The New York Public Library to host a handful of Micro-Residencies across their multiple branches from April 18th-27th! You can check out our list of residents here.