Emoji Poetry

Emoji Poetry may initially sound “like a post-ironic gimmick,” but PSNY’s Emoji Poetry workshop remains one of its most popular services—and not just for the kitsch of those adorable hieroglyphs! Emojis are a unique cultural touchstone because they are a global language designed to convey emotion. They communicate tone and nuance, allowing us to emote beyond our spoken languages. That’s why Emojis make for such fantastic icebreakers—even between team members from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Emojis also provide a light-hearted, low-pressure entry point into writing poetry, an art form that many find intimidating. Writing in Emojis is fun!

PSNY’s Emoji Poetry workshop asks participants to write collaborative emoji poems, to translate those poems individually into English, and to share their translations with the group. Cooperating to write emoji poems as a team requires creativity, spontaneity, and compromise—the ultimate group bonding exercise. Translating those emoji poems on one’s own creates a space for vulnerability and personal expression. Sharing individual translations inevitably leads to thoughtful conversations about language, culture, friends, family, process, bias, choice, and values.

Sharing poetry is an inherently intimate act that cultivates trust and imagination. That’s why PSNY’s emoji poetry workshop makes for such an effective team-building activity for both children and adults. This workshop is great for school groups; corporate outings; after-school programs; corporate retreats; community programs; office events; and teams of all sorts looking to create tighter bonds.

Writing and translating Emoji Poetry is perhaps the greatest word game since Madlibs! Don’t miss out on this incredible workshop experience. To request more information or to learn about other collaborative writing activities hosted by PSNY, please contact us below.

"I haven't seen our team smile and laugh that much in a while!"

— Ashley Alvarado, Head of HR, Habitas